Monte Credit DOO Podgorica

MFI Head office: ul. 8 marta 52, Podgorica

Licence No. 0101-377/13-2 of 12 October 2005

Board of Directors:

  1. GEORGE KHAZHOMIA – Chairman of the Board

Executive Director: NIKOLA NAČIĆ

Scope of Operations

Operations defined by the licence:

  • grant loans for specified purposes for development projects to business organisations, for business improvement to entrepreneurs and specified purpose loans to natural persons, from its own funds and from the funds borrowed on the money market;

  • invest in short–term securities issued by the Government of Montenegro and in other high quality short-term instruments of the financial market;

  • offering financial leasing servicies and

  • offering consulting servicies.

Organisational units

Business unit Podgorica, Dalmatinska 2

Business unit Podgorica 1, Stari aerodrom 2A V
Business unit Berane, Polimska 10
Business unit Nikšić, Ulica Alekse Backovića S115
Business unit Budva, Rozino bb
Business unit Pljevlja, Boška Buhe 7/2
Business unit Bar, Jovana Tomaševića E-5
Business unit Herceg Novi, Ul. Njegoševa 136
Business unit Mojkovac , Trgovačka bb

Business unit Kličevo, Bulevar 13. jula 140, Kličevo, Nikšić