Enforced Collection

Enforced collection implies the legal obligation and authority of the Central Bank of Montenegro to debit funds in all debtor`s accounts in which the debtor (bank client) holds funds and, by virtue of law, to collect payables stated as the execution titles and credit them to the creditor's account, in line with the order of priority of the execution titles for the enforced collection.

Enforced collection is executed pursuant to the Law on Enforcement and Securing of Claims and other regulations.

The following debtors may be subject to enforced collection:

  • Legal entities and entrepreneurs who have open accounts with banks;
  • Banks and other entities for which the law prescribes the account to be opened with the Central Bank of Montenegro.  

Enforced collection is automated and it involves the exchange of electronic messages between the Enforced Collection Division and banks, serving as the basis for freezing all debtor`s accounts with one or more banks according to the same registration number (unique registration number for legal entities or unique citizen registration number for entrepreneurs), as well as prohibiting banks to open new accounts for the mentioned debtors.