Informative List on Offered Consumer Loans

The Central Bank of Montenegro publishes an Informative List on Offered Consumer Loans, which contains basic information that consumers need when making a decision on choosing a loan, such as data on the interest rate level, loan repayment period, interest rate type (fixed, variable or combined) etc. 

The Informative List provides information on the offer of all credit institutions for the eight most common types of consumer loans, namely the following: cash-non-purpose-specific loans, cash loans for pensioners, housing loans, mortgage loans, loans for reconstruction and refurbishment, refinance loans, loans for the purchase of a motor vehicle and loans for education.

Based on the information presented in the Informative List, consumers are able to, quickly, simply, and in one place, compare interest rates in all credit institutions in Montenegro and decide upon whose lending services they will use. 

Comparison of fees for the most frequently used payment services of credit institutions is available at link.