International Scientific Symposium on the Opus of the Nobel Prize Winner Orhan Pamuk

In addition to spreading knowledge in banking and finance, the Central Bank of Montenegro, as a socially responsible institution, affirms other segments of general social, scientific and cultural significance and contributes to the implementation of various projects aimed at the development of social and scientific thought.

Thus, through its cooperation with the publishing house “Nova knjiga” from Podgorica, the Central Bank, contributed to the organisation of the International Scientific Symposium on the opus of the Turkish Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk, held on 16 December 2017 at the Money Museum.

The symposium was opened by the CBCG Governor, Dr Radoje Žugić, together with the Nobel Prize winner Mr Orhan Pamuk and a professor from the Belgrade University, Aleksandar Jerkov, and attended by about twenty prominent university professors from Montenegro and the region.

Governor Žugić emphasised that the CBCG was very honoured to be the host of this gathering, which was about the creative opus of Mr Orhan Pamuk, one of the most popular contemporary writers and the winner of numerous awards, such as the 2006 Nobel Prize for Literature and the most prestigious German prize - Peace Prize for 2005. “I want to point out the expectation that many of the socially responsible activities and initiatives by the CBCG, such as the organisation of Mr Pamuk’s visit to the Money Museum, will contribute to the even more effective work of this museum,” said Governor Žugić, adding that the CBCG will continue to support projects that open new perspectives and improve knowledge.

Mr Pamuk was particularly pleased with the fact that the event was held in the Money Museum, as museums are extremely important in his way of thinking and his view of the world. “In many of my novels I am writing exactly about the fact that museums should inspire people. I think that museums, in particular the Money Museum, should link the banknotes to what the people used them for, not just to the rulers,” Pamuk said.

Turkish Nobel Prize winner in the Money Museum