Training for the students of the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica successfully completed


Thirteen students of the fourth year from the Public Sector and Economic Policy Department at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Montenegro successfully completed their student training in the Central Bank of Montenegro from 28 May to 1 June 2018.

During the five-day training, students were able to get themselves better acquainted with functioning of the CBCG through lectures and presentations on a number of interesting topics, such as monetary statistics, trends in the balance of payments in Montenegro, supervision of the banking system, vault operations, monetary policy instruments, the CBCG international reserves, treasury bills auctions process and other topics presented to them.

In addition to interesting lectures and presentations, a tour through the working premises was organized for the students, in order to meet with the employees and practical work in the Central Bank.

By organizing these types of trainings, the CBCG strives to contribute to improving the financial literacy of young people and supporting the improvement of their knowledge and skills that will be to their benefit in the future professional development.