Meeting with the CBCG Fintech Hackathon Finalists


Cooperation between fintech companies and banks and more intensive application of modern technologies in the banking services are imperatives of the times we live in, was the conclusion of the meeting of Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) representatives and the finalists of the recent second CBCG Fintech Hackathon.

Governor Radoje Žugić and his associates met today with CBCG Fintech Hackathon finalist teams representatives to continue communication and support further development of the ideas presented at the competition. “Organising the Hackathon is part of our social responsibility and an effort to promote and encourage the fintech industry development in Montenegro and thus contribute to improving digital, primarily banking and payment services,” said Governor Žugić and thanked all the finalists for participating in the Hackathon.

Vice-Governor Zorica Kalezić pointed out that the CBCG undertook numerous activities “to bring fintech companies closer to the banking sector and ensure the integration of these two inseparable segments, aiming to simpler and cheaper access to the financial services market.”

At the meeting, it was noted that the proposed ideas and accompanying software solutions, some of which have attracted foreign attention, have great potential in the banking market. The competition teams’ members emphasised their intensive work on further developing the ideas expecting some to be turned into finished products, i.e. services to be competitive on the domestic and regional markets.

The CBCG representatives expressed readiness to provide expert and logistical support to the Hackathon finalists under their powers and responsibilities in further implementing ideas and programming solutions.