Cooperation of CBCG and CNB in the Payment System Area


The CBCG started bilateral activities in the payment system area with the experts of the Croatian National Bank (CNB) within Phase II of the IPA regional project “Programme for Strengthening the Central Bank Capacities in the Western Balkans with a view to the Integration to the European System of Central Banks”.

The activity will be implemented through three missions, which are intended to improve the professional capacities of the CBCG in the supervision and application of regulations governing payment system.

The first mission was carried out as part of the CNB experts’ visit to the CBCG on 12-14 December 2023. During the mission, inter alia, the CNB representatives transferred their experience in the payment system organisation and clarified the payment services market structure. They also discussed the issues of applying the PSD2 directive in national legislation, practical examples of market models of payment service providers, access to intermediate and direct control of the payment services provision, statistical data collection, resolution of complaints from payment services users and other important topics for the activities of the Payment System Department.

Considering the continuous legislative changes in providing payment services in the EU, and the need for constant improvement of internal capacities, this type of cooperation will enable the adequate application of the regulation governing payment system in Montenegro, the improvement of supervision standards following the standards applied in the EU member states and the more comprehensive perspective for implementing further CBCG activities in payment system area and the payment services provision.