CBCG Organised the First Regional Panel “Experiences and Challenges in Supervision“


The CBCG organised the first regional panel, “Experiences and Challenges in Supervision”. In addition to the CBCG representatives, the representatives of the National Bank of Serbia, the Banking Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Banking Agency of Republika Srpska attended the panel. The two-day gathering of regional supervisors operating in similar banking systems and regulatory frameworks aimed to exchange knowledge and experience without language barriers and improve existing cooperation.

The panel concluded that similar bank-centric financial systems with prevailing foreign capital are characterised by positive business trends, i.e. high capitalisation, profitability, liquidity and asset quality improvement.

However, in an age of numerous challenges faced by supervisors and significant external risks that can suddenly appear, such as digital bankruptcy, supervision must be fast, innovative and proactive. Due to their similar challenges and possible solutions, the panel said it is necessary to strengthen the supervisors’ synergy in these areas.

The participants of the first regional panel of supervisors agreed that this kind of open discussion represents the right step in establishing and improving the cooperation of supervisors in the region. Finally, the panel decided to hold the next regional panel of supervisors in Banja Luka.

The representatives of the institutions that were panel participants met with the CBCG Governor Radoje Žugić before the meeting. The message of that meeting was that high-quality, non-selective, and depoliticised supervision of the banking sector guarantees its soundness and stability.