CBCG Council Meeting


The Council of the Central Bank of Montenegro held its 99th meeting today, chaired by the Governor, Mr Radoje Žugić.

At today’s meeting, the Council discussed and adopted the Report on Business Operations and Policy Implementation of the Central Bank of Montenegro for April 2021, it stated that the CBCG activities conducted this April were according to the planned obligations determined by the CBCG Work Program for 2021.

The Council adopted the Decision Amending Decision on the Register of Payment Institutions and the Register of Electronic Money Institutions. The amendments to the current Decision primarily refer to supplementing the mentioned registers with more detailed data to improve their quality and harmonise with good EU practice. The amendments also harmonise the Decision with the new Law on Companies and create preconditions for enhancing the transparency of data on payment and electronic money institutions.

The CBCG Council discussed and adopted the Report on Bank Landing Survey for Q1 2021 today, it concluded that lending standards for approving loans to businesses and households tightened during the mentioned period compared to the last quarter of 2020, it was primarily due to the adverse impact of the complex economic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic on risk perception.

At today’s meeting, the Council also discussed current issues under its competence.