Presentation of the CBCG FinTech Hub – Regulatory Innovation Centre at ICT Cortex Meetup


The recently established CBCG FinTech Hub – Regulatory Innovation Centre will be presented on the ICT Cortex Meetup on 28 July 2021 and you are welcome to tune in and watch it on the ICT Cortex YouTube channel between 18:00 and 19:00 hours

Mr Andrija Jovović, the Director of the Payment System Department, and Mr Ivan Bošković, the Head of the Directorate for Payment System and Financial Technologies, will talk about the FinTech Hub as the regulatory innovation centre and the platform for dialogue between the professionals and companies interested in developing fintechs. Mr Dragan Čabarkapa, a presentative of the ICT Cortex cluster that gathers renowned Montenegrin IT companies, will moderate the event. 

We hereby invite you to tune in and watch this meetup and for more information on the CBCG FinTech Hub visit at link.