The exhibition “New Montenegrin Commemorative Money” opened in the Money Museum


On Thursday, 19 May 2016, celebrating ten years of restoration of Montenegro’s independence and the International Museum Day, the exhibition titled “New Montenegrin Commemorative Money” was organized in cooperation with the Secondary Art School “Petar Lubarda” from Cetinje.

The pupils presented forty pieces made in different techniques: painting, graphic, digital and sculpturing. They have creatively linked traditional and contemporary values, according to already adopted standards in designing metal coins, presenting famous Montenegrin personality and contemporaries who have incorporated their work into the historical and cultural map of Montenegro on the obverse, and the recognised prominent state symbols, and recognizable brands of modern Montenegro on the reverse.

The following pupils received the award:

  • Milan Medić - 1st prize

  • Lazar Lekić - 2nd prize

  • Vuk Šćepanović - 3rd prize