The exhibition "Money as a Jewellery” opened in the Money Museum


The exhibition titled "Money as a Jewellery" was opened today at the Central Bank of Montenegro Money Museum in Cetinje. The exhibition, which authors were Ms Milena Berkuljan, a documentary at the Money Museum and Mr Jovan Muhadinović, the Museum curator, was opened by the CBCG Governor Mr Radoje Žugić, PhD.

"The exhibition represents a blend of Montenegrin history, tradition, customs and belief on one hand, and money, as an indispensable guardian of history and the past, on the other hand," emphasized the Governor Žugić, highlighting that the CBCG initiates and carries out these and similar activities with the aim of promoting historical and cultural heritage of Montenegro, at the same time strengthening the financial literacy of the broadest public.  

The opening of the exhibition, among others, was attended by members of the CBCG Council, numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps, as well as representatives of banks operating in Montenegro. The guests were addressed by the Capital of Cetinje mayor, Mr Aleksandar Bogdanović, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Montenegro, Mr Serhat Galip.

The museum collection represents a rich collection of jewellery made from coins and the unique ethnographic-numismatic insight into a significant part of the Montenegrin past, which resulted in today's multiculturalism and multinationalism in Montenegro.

Visitors can see this exhibition, alongside permanent Museum exhibition titled "From Perper to the Euro" every business day from 8 to 16 hours.