Students from the Faculty of Business Economics visited CBCG


A visit to the Central Bank of Montenegro by students of the Faculty of Business Economics in Bar was organised on the occasion of 17 November, International Students Day.

The students were given the opportunity to learn about the role and responsibilities of the CBCG and its functioning, as well as the history of money and central banking in Montenegro through the lecture given by Mrs Marijana Mitrović Mijatović, Director of Department for Financial Stability, Research and Statistics. Director Mitrović Mijatović presented and explained to students the basic concepts in the field of finance, financial system and monetary policy, as well as the importance of financial stability for the economy of a country.

The aim of such activities is to improve the financial literacy of young people, as well as to closer link the CBCG with students at Montenegrin universities in order to provide them with support in the development of knowledge that will be of importance to them in further education and employment.