Money Museum marks the International Museum Day


Money Museum in Cetinje marked the International Museum Day yesterday with opening the exhibition “Montenegro – Ecological State as a Money Motive“.

The exhibition was organized by the CBCG Money Museum in cooperation with the Secondary Art School “Petar Lubarda” in Cetinje. Its students prepared works on the exhibition topics, visually designing money through combination of sketches, watercolours, digitally designed compositions and sculptures. 

“Rich and unique Montenegrin natural and cultural heritage binds us all, particularly you, the young generations, to preserve and cherish it and this exhibition stands as a proof that you are doing so in the most beautiful manner, while expressing your creativity and your indisputable talent” – said Mr Todor Cicmil, the CBCG Vault Director, who opened the exhibition.

The Money Museum Director, Mr Miodrag Kirsanov delivered both the awards for the best works and the letters of gratitude to all competition participants. Ms Zorana Đukić was awarded the first prize, Mr Aleksa Vuksanović and Ms Mila Stojanović shared the second prize equally, while Mr Marko Bulatović was awarded the third prize.

The Money Museum, i.e. the CBCG appreciates the educational component and incites financial education while strengthening financial literacy with children and the youth.