Money Museum Celebrates International Museum Day with the exhibition “My Payment Card”


The exhibition “My Payment Card” was opened today in the CBCG Money Museum in Cetinje.

At the exhibition held on 18 May, International Museums Day, in cooperation with the CBCG and the High School of Fine Arts “Petar Lubarda” from Cetinje, students’ works based on an art competition on a given topic were presented.

The authors of the three best papers were awarded diplomas and cash prizes. Second-grade pupil Marija Pavićević won the first prize of 400 euros, while Third-grade pupil Emilija Antonova won the second prize of 300 euros. First-grade pupil Daria Konkova won the third prize of 200 euros.

It is the tenth exhibition in a row that the CBCG Money Museum and the High School of Fine Arts “Petar Lubarda” jointly realised to celebrate International Museums Day. On the same occasion, the working hours of the Museum of Money have been extended today and will be open for visitors from 09:00 to 21:00.