CBCG Organised a Debate for High School Students


Students debated the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business and working for an employer

The pupils of the Secondary Mixed School “Danilo Kiš” from Budva were the winners of the debate “Owning a Business or Working for an Employer?” held at the CBCG premises. The winning team consisted of pupils Danica Račić, Aleksandar Medvedev and Damjan Gačević.

In addition to the pupils from the mentioned school, the pupils of the Secondary School of Economics “Mirko Vešović” from Podgorica, Matej Jovanović, Dimitrije Šutović and Blažo Kadić, and the Secondary School of Economics and Hospitality from Bar Amar Ličina, Teodora Gašić and Ema Šimić participated in the debate.

The CBCG organised the debate promoting financial literacy in Montenegro aimed to encourage secondary school pupils to discuss economic topics and confront their opinions and positions concerning the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business or working for an employer. The chosen debate topic was very inspiring and helpful since the end of secondary school for young people marks a period of intensive consideration of the choice of future occupation and ways of making money.

The debate consisted of an interesting participants’ discussion presenting arguments favouring starting one’s own business, such as a more substantial contribution to the economy, achieving personal satisfaction, stronger motivation for success, greater independence and flexible working hours. The debaters pointed out an increased risk of failure, greater responsibility and exposure to stress as the downsides of owning a business.

According to the debate participants, job and monthly income security, less responsibility, legal protection, and various benefits employees receive are the upsides of working for an employer. On the other hand, the participants saw the narrowed space for expressing creativity, less flexibility and the inability to influence the working environment as the main disadvantages of working for an employer.

Thanking the debate participants, and praising their economic knowledge and demonstrated rhetorical abilities, the Jury President, the CBCG Vice-Governor Nikola Fabris, pointed out that activities of the CBCG, such as this one, are aimed at encouraging young people to expand and upgrade their knowledge constantly.

All students were awarded symbolic cash prizes and certificates of appreciation for participating in the debate.