CBCG, Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation, and Innovation Fund: Synergy towards Better Financial Literacy


The CBCG Governor, Ms Irena Radović, met with the Minister for Education, Science and Innovation, Ms Anđela Jakšić-Stojanović, and the Director of the Innovation Fund, Ms Bojana Femić-Radosavović today in the CBCG premises.

At the meeting, they discussed the plans to intensify activities to improve the financial literacy of Montenegrin citizens, primarily children and youth, and the possibilities of cooperating in implementing projects promoting innovation, FinTech, and introducing ESG standards.

As they agreed, strengthening financial literacy is a precondition for a stable and sustainable economic future for individuals and the whole community. Therefore, it is necessary to make financial education available to young generations, taking care to tailor the offered programmes to their age and interests.

During the discussions, they recognised many of the three institutions’ activities. They carefully analysed the possibilities of joint connections and synergy strengthening to achieve the joint objectives in this important segment more efficiently. They agreed on a synergy acting of the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation, the Innovation Fund, and the CBCG on designing and implementing initiatives aimed at the financial literacy of children and youth.

Minister Jakšić-Stojanović stated that the “special focus should be on empowering the teaching staff to encourage financial education”, so they agreed on a joint engagement in their training to be able to acquire necessary knowledge and skills and transfer the importance of financial responsibility and basic financial skills to pupils.

“Our partnership will surely bring concrete and measurable improvements to our citizens’ financial literacy, which will contribute further to creating more stable financial future for all,” said Governor Radović.

Director Femić-Radosavović highlighted the Innovation Fund’s readiness to support the implementation of financial education activities through the existing innovation development processes and the participation in designing innovative financial education distribution channels.

An inspiring and constructive meeting ended with the agreement that institutions should continue intensive communication to create conditions for even stronger implementation of the National Programme for the Development of Financial Education 2023-2027.