CBCG Governor Meets the Ambassador of Romania


H.E. Romania’s Ambassador to Montenegro, Mr Viorel Ardeleanu, visited the CBCG today and met with the Governor, Ms Irena Radović.

Governor Radović informed His Excellency of the current trends in Montenegro’s financial system, emphasising that all aggregate banking sector’s ratios were positive. She pointed out that the recent IMF visit to Montenegro confirmed the banking system’s soundness and stability, recognising the CBCG’s strong commitment to preserving and further strengthening financial stability.

The interlocutors assessed that the CBCG and the National Bank of Romania cooperated successfully and fruitfully. The National Bank of Romania is a partner bank of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) engaged in the IPA project, with the CBCG as a beneficiary. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of the Western Balkans’ central banks with a view to their integration into the ESCB. National banks of Montenegro and Romania also cooperate through membership in the IMF Belgian-Dutch Constituency.

Discussing our country’s pre-accession negotiations with the EU, H.E. Ambassador Ardeleanu emphasised that Romania supports Montenegro in its alignment with EU policies and practices.

“I believe that, with fully mobilising available capacities and actively engaging all institutions, Montenegro can achieve significant progress on the EU path in a short period, in which we will support you fully,” H.E. Ambassador Ardeleanu said. His Excellency particularly emphasised that the CBCG has a vital role in this process as an institution managing negotiation chapters 4, 9 and 17 and actively participating in several working groups for other chapters.

The Governor thanked His Excellency for the Romanian institutions’ willingness to share experiences with Montenegro. She expressed the expectation that the cooperation between the central banks of Montenegro and Romania would leave a mark on the pre-accession negotiations process.