CBCG Governor Meets the Addiko Bank Management


The CBCG Governor, Ms Irena Radović, met today with Mr Herbert Juranek, the Chairman of the Management Board of Addiko Bank AD Vienna, and Mr Christoph Schön, the Chairman of the Management Board of Addiko Bank AD Podgorica.

“As a supervisor, it is crucial for the CBCG that Addiko Bank in Montenegro is part of a group with headquarters in the EU and under the ECB supervision, which expands the possibilities for adopting best practices and exchanging experiences and expertise,” said the Governor.

Mr Juranek highlighted that the Addiko Group focused its operations on the Western Balkan region. “As a bank focusing its operations mainly on the household sector and SMEs, Addiko Bank AD Podgorica will continue its dedication to improving services and efficiency in the coming period,” said Juranek.

They exchanged opinions on the current situation, trends in Montenegro’s banking sector, and on Addiko Bank’s operations and its plans in the context of a potential ownership structure change. As they stated, positive trends characterising the bank’s operations in the previous year represent a quality basis for further strengthening.

The two parties agreed to continue communication and cooperation to attain common interests, especially in strengthening the banking system and preserving financial stability.