CBCG awards the best students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering


The Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) awarded the three best students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Montenegro for 2022 with cash prizes of 500 euros each. On this occasion, the CBCG Governor, Radoje Žugić, received the ETF Dean, Saša Mujović and awarded students Vladimir Novović, Mitar Otašević, and Vuk Đukanović today.

During the discussion, Governor Žugić pointed out the CBCG’s honour and pleasure to reward young people focused on science. He stated that this was only one of the CBCG activities supporting science and scientific research as a socially responsible and scientifically-oriented institution.

“The CBCG traditionally supports the best students, primarily through the Annual Award it has been awarding since 2007 for the best bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses in banking, monetary policy and theory. Our “Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice”, ranked among the 20 percent of the best scientific journals in the world by the Scopus index, testifies to the CBCG’s investments in science,” Žugić pointed out.

Prof. Mujović and the students thanked the Governor for the support and award. The ETF Dean stated he commended the CBCG management’s understanding of science’s importance.

“Today, the CBCG awarded our best students, showing social responsibility and faith in their country and the people educated in it. From my point of view, this shows patriotism and a real contribution to the country’s development,” said Mujović.