CBCG Awarded the CBCG Green Award for 2023


The CBCG Green Award for 2023, for the best academic work on climate change’s effects on the financial system, was awarded today, celebrating the Day of the Ecological State of Montenegro.

The Award Commission, consisting of the CBCG representatives, decided to equally share the award of 2,000 euros to Ivana Vojinović, MSc, for the paper “Interaction between the Financial System and Climate Changes – Towards Climate Resilience in the XXI Century” and Martin M. Bojaj, PhD, for the paper “Forecasting Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Changes on Montenegro’s Financial System”.

In his speech, the CBCG Governor, Radoje Žugić, PhD, emphasised the CBCG’s driving mission and continuous commitment to sustainable development and economy projects by encouraging scientific work and research and other socially responsible activities.

“The CBCG Green Award is an incentive for our economy’s greening. In cooperation with banks, the dominant part of the financial system, we have to primarily support projects containing the so-called green components, i.e. projects including elements of environmental protection and reduction of the climate change effect”, said Žugić. He added that the CBCG would additionally engage itself in including the broadest possible segments of the economy and society in ecological sustainability and development projects.

The CBCG Green Award is a new socially responsible project of the CBCG, launched to affirm a responsible attitude towards the climate change challenges and stimulate scientific thought in this area.