CBCG and the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje promote the numismatic heritage of Montenegro


The Mayor of the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje, Aleksandar Kašćelan and the Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro, Radoje Žugić, signed today a protocol on cooperation that will further enhance cooperation and intensify joint activities of the CBCG and the Capital in the part of presentation and valorisation of the historical and cultural heritage of Montenegro in numismatics, at the same time promoting the Money Museum in Cetinje.

The Old Royal Capital of Cetinje, in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of the Capital, will work on improving and promoting the cultural and historical value of the Money Museum by providing information to citizens and potential visitors, distributing promotional materials, selling tickets and other similar activities that would contribute to the increase in visits to the Money Museum.

The Protocol also foresees that the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje incorporates the Money Museum in the project "Smart City", which is being developed and planned to be implemented soon. 

At the request of the Capital, in order to meet the protocol requirements of the Mayor, the Central Bank of Montenegro will, upon the request of the Capital, allow the residential part of the Money Museum's building to be used and provide information to the guests of the Mayor and the visitors of the Capital on the showroom and exhibits of the Money Museum.

Also, at the request of the Capital, the CBCG will provide expert assistance in the implementation of projects related to financial education at the local level. 

Cooperation between the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje and the CBCG was institutionalised in 2017 when the first protocol on cooperation was signed.