CBCG and CEF Agreed on Continued Cooperation


The CBCG Governor, Ms Irena Radović, and her team met with the Director of the Center for Excellence in Finance (CEF), Ms Jana Repanšek.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the results of the cooperation between CBCG and CEF and the plans for the next period. In the context of the two institutions’ previous successful cooperation, the Governor assessed that CBCG employees expanded their knowledge and exchanged experiences with colleagues from the region on international standards and best practices in central banking by attending specialised training offered by CEF.

On the eve of Montenegro’s chairmanship of the CEF Board of Directors from June 2024 to June 2025, they discussed the possibilities for the CEF to contribute more significantly to consolidating the goals of the central banks of the organisation’s member countries, which primarily relate to the strengthening of institutions, harmonising regulations with the EU acquis in the negotiation process context and introducing a green and digital component into the central bank policies.

At the meeting, they also discussed the WeLead: EU Scheme for Young Professionals in the Western Balkans project, which CEF is implementing in cooperation with the EU and in which the CBCG employees are also participating. The project, intended for young public officials and decision-makers from the region, aims to improve knowledge and experience in the EU accession process, which will strengthen regional cooperation and ensure faster progress of the Western Balkans towards the European Union. They also discussed opportunities for enhancing cooperation concerning the implementation of programmes for talent attracting and retaining.

CEF is an international institution based in Ljubljana that acts as a regional centre for knowledge exchange and promotes the capacity building of public officials and institutions in Southeast Europe. It was founded in 2001 by the Government of Slovenia.