Babies born during the “Savings Week” receive the gift of 400 euros


On the occasion of 31 October, the World Savings Day, the Central Bank of Montenegro has been carrying out of the “Savings Week” campaign for the sixteenth consecutive year under the slogan “First step towards the safe future”

All commercial banks operating in Montenegro traditionally joined in the campaign, which includes donating the first savings to babies born in the period from 31 October to 6 November 2020.

Namely, children born during the “Savings Week”, whose parents open a savings account in any of the Montenegrin commercial banks, will receive 200 euros from the CBCG. They will also receive additional 200 euros, along with a savings book, from the commercial bank that parents select. In this way, all children born in the mentioned period receive as a gift their first savings in the total amount of 400 euros. The amount of 400 euros will be deposited for one year. After that period expires, parents can withdraw money or deposit for savings.

Parents can open a savings book only in one of the commercial banks, with an ID card of both parents and a birth certificate for the newborn child.

Owing to this campaign, 2,198 babies received their first savings in the previous sixteen years, for which the CBCG allocated almost 460,000 euros.