ANNOUNCEMENT: Nobel Laureate Kydland to visit Montenegro


At the invitation of the Central Bank of Montenegro, Professor Finn E. Kydland, who won the Nobel Prize for Economics, will visit Montenegro.

On 10 September, as part of the visit, Professor Kydland will meet with the Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro and his associates, visit the Money Museum in Cetinje and hold a lecture at the Faculty of Economics titled “Economic Policy and the Growth of Nations”.

The lecture, attended by the Governor of the CBCG and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, will be held in the Mediterranean hall, starting at 12:00.

Professor Kydland is a Norwegian economist who, along with Edward Prescott from the United States, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2004 for contributing to the Dynamic Macroeconomics Theory. The two macroeconomists have been awarded for their work on determining how the changes in economic policy and technology affect the development of business.

Finn Kydland is currently teaching at the University of California in Santa Barbara, USA.