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Volume 12, Number 1

Mustafa Özer, Zoran Grubišić, Sevilay Küçüksakarya

Effects of Exchange Rate, Output Gap, and Output Gap Volatility on Inflation Volatility in Turkey

Nikola Fabris, Milutin Ješić

Are Gold and Bitcoin a Safe Haven for European Indices?

Milorad Jovović, Nikola Mišnić, Bojan Pejović, Marija Mijušković

Customer Satisfaction and Switching Intentions of Banking Services End-Users in Montenegro

Muhammad Azam Khan

Does Monetary Policy Solely Correct Disequilibrium in the Balance of Payment? Evidence From the Developing World

Ahmet Faruk Aysan, Dilek Demirbas, Mustafa Disli, Monica Shirley Chaparro Parra

Resilience and Path Dependency: Income Distribution Effects of GDP in Colombia

Emna Trabelsi

Does Fiscal Transparency Matter for Bank Development? A Lookup on Emerging and Developing Countries

Rajko Tomaš

Sustainability of the Currency Board in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Conditions of a Negative Interest Rate on the Reserve Currency

Retselisitsoe I. Thamae, Nicholas M. Odhiambo, John M. Khumalo

Bank Regulation in the Selected Sub-Saharan African Countries: Dynamics and Trends

Durmus Cagri Yildirim, Tugba Turan

Revisiting of Interest Rate Channel: Nonlinear transmission of Monetary Policy Shocks to the Turkish Economy

Mesut Doğan, Feyyaz Yildiz

Testing the Factors that Determine the Profitability of Banks with a Dynamic Approach: Evidence from Turkey

Serdar Ongan, Ismet Gocer

Money Supply Determination Process for Japan