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Počevši od Vol. 3 No. 1, Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice dostupan je u režimu otvorenog pristupa preko online izdavača Sciendo.

Volume 13, Number 2

Natalia Koshel, John Thanassoulis
The Green Central Bank Index

Bilgehan Tekin
Structural Breaks and Co-Movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic Period

Imad A. Moosa, Khalid Al-Saad, Ibrahim N. Khatatbeh
The Quantity Theory of Money, Quantitative Easing and the Missing Inflation Phenomenon

Rami Obeid
The Side Effects of Macroprudential Policies on Economic Performance in the Arab Region

Vera Gojčaj
Analysis of the Transparency Index of the Central Banks of the Western Balkan Countries

Khalil Ullah Mohammad, Mohsin Raza Khan
Liquid Asset Holdings and Banking Profitability: Evidence from South Asia

Marcin Pietrzak
Non-Ricardian Borrowers and Mortgage Type: Implications for Monetary Policy Leaning against the Wind

Edo Duran, Zoran Grubisic, Milena Lazic
Volatility Spillover: Garch Analysis of S&P 500’s Influence on Precious Metals

Ritesh Patel, Anand Kumar Mishra, Muhammad Zubair Chishti, Tejas M. Modi
Relationship Between Internet Banking Service Quality, e-Customer Satisfaction, and Loyalty: A Comparative Study of India and Pakistan

Oksana V. Portna, Natalia Yu. Iershova, Andrii A. Grytsenko
Social Responsibility of the Financial Sector in the Information and Network Economy: The Example of Systemically Important Banks in Ukraine and Comparison With Banks in Other Countries of the World