Competition for Granting the 2023 Annual Central Bank of Montenegro Award

Pursuant to Articles 45 paragraph 2 point 12 and 65 paragraph 2 of the Central Bank of Montenegro Law (OGM 40/10, 6/13, 70/17) and Articles 5 paragraph 1 and 6 of the Rulebook on Granting the Annual Central Bank Award (No. 0102-108-1/2022 of 11 January 2022 and No. 0102-108-2/2022 of 27 January 2022), the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) announces


for Granting the 2023 Annual Central Bank of Montenegro Award

I With the view to encouraging scientific thought and promoting young professionals in Montenegro and on the occasion of celebrating the Central Bank of Montenegro Day, 11 April, the CBCG grants the award for the best diploma or specialist thesis, master’s thesis and doctoral thesis in banking and monetary policy and theory.

II The cash amount for the 2023 Annual Central Bank of Montenegro Award, per category, shall be as follows:

  • Diploma or Specialist Thesis               2,000.00 €
  • Master’s Thesis                                      3,000.00 €
  • Doctoral Thesis                                      4,000.00 €

III Citizens of Montenegro who defended their diploma thesis, master’s thesis, or doctoral thesis in the previous calendar year at a university, faculty or college in Montenegro or abroad may compete at the Competition referred to above in point I.

CBCG Employees, members of the CBCG Council and persons engaged in deciding on the Annual Award may not compete.

IV The theses shall be submitted to the CBCG in hard copy directly or by regular mail to the following address: Central Bank of Montenegro, Directorate for Communication, Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 6, Podgorica, or in the electronic form to the e-mail address, specifying “For 2023 Annual Award”, no later than 24 February 2023. Theses submitted after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

The theses shall be submitted in hard copy and electronic formats in Montenegrin or English. In addition to the thesis, the participants shall submit the application form availavle at the CBCG website (link), a certified copy of the diploma/certificate on the acquired academic degree, Decision on the recognition of diploma (if the thesis was defended in a foreign country), curriculum vitae, and the copy of biometric identity card or citizenship certificate.

V The Commission appointed by the Decision of the CBCG Governor will select the best theses.

VI The submitted papers shall meet the following criteria: innovation, the possibility of application and the presented paper topic’s contemporaneity.

VII The Commission may decide not to grant the Annual award for a specific category, should the submitted theses not meet the required quality criteria. The Commission may split the Annual Award for a specific category equally to two candidates.

VIII The decision on presenting the Annual Award will be published on the CBCG website.

IX All participants will be notified in writing of the competition results within 60 days following the competition closing date.

No. 0102 – 367-2/2023                                                           Podgorica, 24 January 2023